Baby & Child Horoscopes: What Zodiac Sign Is Your Kid? What Does It Mean?

Raising children is a big job, no matter what your kid’s zodiac sign. You can “decode” your child’s personality with our child horoscopes.

Astrology can help make sense of the process of parenting

We think of your child’s birth chart as the “owner’s manual” that each person is secretly born with. Want to see an entire astrological chart for your little one? Do a free chart here!)

Maybe you’re wondering how that Type A child came from your disorganized genes, or how your logical sign could birth a bohemian babe. Look to the stars!

Think of the stars as your manual. Some real clues to understanding your child are written in their zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is encoded with information to help you understand your child’s “settings.” Yes, your child has free will. And nature and nurture both play a role.

Looking to astrology can help you understand your child and tailor your parenting approach. Does this information make parenting a perfect process? Hardly! Thats not the nature of being a parent. It’s a constant balancing act of their needs, your needs, family dynamics and well, life!

Child horoscopes by zodiac sign

We’ve got tips on how to bring out your child’s best traits and happiness, tailored to the personality of each zodiac sign, in the following child horoscopes.

Knowing your own and your child’s zodiac sign can provide huge insight into what makes you both tick. From handling the smallest of interactions to the biggest, and everything in between.

The Aries Child

The Aries child often comes into the world quiet and self-possessed. Then, one day, they discover their vocal cords and out come the showstoppers. Read more…

The Taurus Child

Taurus rules the five senses, so when they are hungry, tired, or ready to play, be prepared! Read more…

The Gemini Child

Gemini kids are all born with a touch of genius to them. They may exhibit an early musical gift, talk or read before other kids, or have another rare talent. Read more…

The Cancer Child

While Cancer has traditionally been associated with mother-child relationships, these babies are strongly affected by any sort of warm, safe energy. Read more…

The Leo Child

The Leo child is generally happy, smiley, and outgoing. They are also the sign that rules drama, so when the temper tantrums do come, look out! Read more…

The Virgo Child

The Virgo child is particular: they know what they like and will definitely let you know what they DON’T like, especially when it comes to food. Read more…

The Libra Child

Symbolized by the scales of justice, little Libras are keenly aware of right and wrong. Their sense of balance and harmony makes them highly creative. Read more…

The Scorpio Child

They tend to be introverts, so don’t be surprised if your Scorpio child prefers to play alone for hours or only enjoys the company of one favorite friend or sibling. Read more…

The Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s traveler and will be ready to explore the world from day one. These smiley little clowns will delight in discovering new things. Read more…

The Capricorn Child

Capricorns are the zodiac’s old souls, so your baby may arrive in the world with a furrowed brow and a wizened expression. Read more…

The Aquarius Child

Aquarians are the “Baby Einsteins” of the zodiac, born with a touch of genius and a daredevil streak to match. Read more…

The Pisces Child

Pisces babies are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy, but they see everything that’s going on. Read more…

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Cancer Child

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Leo Child

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Virgo Child

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Libra Child

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Scorpio Child

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Sagittarius Child

(Nov 22-Dec 21)

Capricorn Child

(Dec 22-Jan 19)

Aquarius Child

(Jan 20-Feb 18)

Pisces Child

(Feb 19-Mar 20)



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